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Pictures from Paintball!!

Paintball @TukTuk

Today, 30th of April 2011, a group from MAS had the Paintball Activities. Held by Marshal Boy from Melawati Paintaball Group, the event started at 3 p.m. and ended at 5 but it seems that the client was satisfied. This is actually the 3rd time that Tuk Tuk had held a paintball game but it seems the best so far by the Organizer. If you interested to join us anytime in future soon, do this... the price is RM100 per head, get a group of 20 people at least (4 groups of 5 people) and book the date with Mr Najib @ 013 347 me, if this is your first time, you will defo enjoy it with the adrenalin rush and perfect place to play..

If you want to eat free durians, they are still available, at least for another week or just drop by and let us know..and if theres still vacancy in our chalet or house, why not stay for a night or two to experience the coziness of this are most welcomed here. Ring us!!   ;)